Frequently Asked Questions

Do you paint residential?
Yes, we can do a complete interior. Foyers, hallways, family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs cases, risers, doors, and trim.
Do you do kitchen cabinets?
Yes, we take the doors off and bring them back to our shop. In your home we will sand everything using a festool to eliminate dust. Roll on a primer and two top coats. At the shop all your doors will be sanded then spray primed, and spray top coated.
Do you do exteriors?
Yes, we always start and exterior job with power washing the surface of the serviced area. We will scrap and sand any loose or failing paint down to the original substrate. We prime then top coat two coats. We have found this process to get the longest lasting and best result.
Do you paint or stain decks?
Yes, we always start out the job by talking with the homeowner and finding out what they are hoping to achieve. If the deck is new, we have many options for results. The older the deck the less we can do. We want to make sure our customers know what we can accomplish to get the best result based on the decks condition.
Can you paint garage floors?
Yes, it is much more involved then just applying paint. There is a rigorous prepping process to ensure the product sticks and is durable.
Do you paint office buildings?
Not only do we paint the interiors of buildings we paint the exteriors using lifts and booms. We can transform your building!
How long does your exterior paint job last?
After we prep and paint your house we ask that you do standard maintenance and power wash every year. 7 years can be expected from the paint job!
What products do you use?
We only use premium products! Are standard quote includes material! Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore only.
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